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History Intent

Our History curriculum at Thurcroft Infant School, inspires a curiosity and fascination within our children about the world around them. The children will learn about the history of their local environment, community as well as the wider world around them. History is taught through a topic based approach to encourage the development of both enquiry skills and historical knowledge. We want to inspire children’s curiosity to find out more about people and events from the past and equip them with the skills they need to ask questions, think critically and develop their historical knowledge. As well as developing the children’s historical knowledge, we aim to develop age appropriate understanding of chronology, historical interpretation and historical enquiry using a range of sources. Subject specific vocabulary is taught and children are encouraged to use this when asking and answering historical questions. Children have access to a range of resources to aid their learning, including relevant literature, artefacts and guest speakers to raise children’s aspirations.

The curriculum is designed to develop knowledge and skills that are progressive as well as transferable throughout their time at Thurcroft Infant School and beyond.

Timeline and Topic Coverage

Key Historical Terms

Long Term Overview

Latest Work

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