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School Council

We held a School Council Election Day. It was a fun day and Rotherham Councillors Mike Thomas, Tom Collingham, Zac Collingham, Sam Kendall and their team came to help with the ballot.

After all the children in school had voted, the votes were counted and we had an assembly where Mrs Harper announced the winners.

Below is a photo gallery of what we are up to in and around school.

2.  Election Day PHOTO Sucessful candidates with Rotherham counsillors T Collingham, Z Col


Ethos Brainstorming Ideas

Pub 2 Tub Recycling Campaign


Meeting the Major at the Charter Gold Celebration

Making and Delivering Thank You Cards for the Community for the Raffle Donations 

Battery Recycling - Dropping off the batteries at the Community Recycling Point

Our Great Idea ...Late Tickets

Finding out about the role of School Governors

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