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Mrs Connie Shepherd M.B.E officially opened our library on Friday 28th September 2012, marking the end of our very enjoyable ‘Book Week’.

Dressed as characters from the stories of ‘Roald Dahl’ our staff and school councillors attended the official opening of the new school library and celebratory nibbles and drinks were enjoyed by all. The children were excited to read and share stories with other invited guests from the Children’s Centre, Chair of Governors, Maltby Teacher’s Library and Mr Burton Marsland (our library designer).

Our library is now visited regularly by all classes and children enjoy reading and sharing stories and non fiction books with their peers.

Children borrow books every week using their very own library card through the Junior Librarian system, however like any other library, the books must be returned otherwise the cost of the loaned out book must be covered by parents. This then lessens the quantity of books available for others to share. Repeated non return of books will not only incur fines but library rights and visits will be revoked.

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